About Qudwa

Qudwa is a global education platform for professional development and knowledge-sharing from experts around the world that seeks to shape the future of education and its impact across different sectors. Qudwa sees teachers as the change agents of the UAE’s education system and draws on their expertise to spur innovation, creativity, and collaboration.

Organized by the Education Affairs Office of the Crown Prince Court of Abu Dhabi, Qudwa is held under the patronage of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi and Deputy Supreme Commander of the UAE Armed Forces.

Connecting teachers with decision-makers, the platform facilitates important discussions on educational practices that will have the greatest positive impact on students in the UAE.

Qudwa is an important part of the UAE’s forward-thinking, multicultural educational environment, and positions the UAE as a global leader in education as it focuses on advancing global competence skills and practices in the classroom.

About the QUDWA-PISA Global Competence Forum 2022

The Qudwa-PISA Global Competence Forum 2022 will take place on 19 February at Dubai EXPO2020. The day-long event will convene national and international teachers, policy experts, and decision-makers, under the theme: Preparing students to live in an interconnected world.

The discussions at Qudwa-PISA Global Competence Forum 2022 will demonstrate the urgency of the need to promote global competence as an essential skill for the 21st century, explore its adaptation for the classroom and its wider implications for society, which will be highlighted by the launch of a new OECD PISA report on teaching for global competence in various contexts.

Global competence will help future generations develop cultural awareness, facilitate harmonious living, improve their job preparedness, and build empathy towards their engagement with global issues.

In collaboration with the OECD and the Bussola Institute, the Qudwa-PISA Global Competence Forum 2022 will include sessions designed to help teachers in the UAE grow professionally, work collaboratively, and prepare their students for a dynamic and interconnected, diverse, and changing world.